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Introvert or extrovert? And my surprising discovery about it

Do you consider yourself introverted or extroverted? I think you have an idea about that.
While you’re thinking about that, let me give you some context to my story.

I’m sitting outside on a bench writing. My view is the snowy peak of Mount Kazbek. With a little lower, on a green mountain top, the Gergeti or Tsminda Sameba church. Right in front of me a vegetable garden full of potato plants and fruit trees. I am in Stepantsminda in Georgia Caucasus.

I’m backpacking again and it feels great! Was recently sweating in a dusty marshrutka (minivan – Georgia’s public transport), on its way to the next destination. Meanwhile my eyes looking out at the beautiful landscape and all the life around me.
And guys, how I have missed backpacking in recent years. Even though I was not short of anything in terms of free time and outings. To me there is something magical about traveling in a foreign country with a different culture, language, and food. Meeting people who look at the world very differently, or surprisingly the same. Not knowing where you will sleep tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. With everything you need in your backpack (and to think that there is still a house full of stuff at home – what a luxury).

This time I don’t have a laptop with me either. Can’t do anything work wise. And that gives peace. And space. To read a book again (I’m now working on The Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter – interesting book). To muse about where I want to go in the next six months. Room for reflection.

And what I thought, after a nice lunch in the garden with a granny, is that I have always classified myself as an introvert.

For the convenience:

  • You are an introvert if you get energy (charge) without people around you.
  • You are an extrovert if you get energy from people around you.

And yes, I like people quite a bit, but I also like to be on my own. So, hoppa, label introvert on it.

Only, the thing about labels is that you’re going to act like them.
In my case, don’t get too much among people because that drains me. Thus the thought.

And what have I noticed over the past few years?
I like working from home. Nice and productive. Easy to fit in with the rest of my life. No time and annoyance wasted on traffic jams. And not too many people around me.

So far, fitting my introverted label.

But man, did I enjoy my first days back at the office. Yippee, people! Conversations about everything and nothing. And yes, of course also about work.
Because MS Teams is mainly used by me as a functional tool. Not so much for chatting, sharing personal things, philosophizing, or relaxing brainstorming.

I came home bouncing with energy and enthusiasm.

Butre, wait a minute, isn’t that something for an extrovert?

I have now come to the conclusion that I am apparently both an introvert and an extrovert.

Or just human.
(Because 2 conflicting labels that both apply equally cancel each other out and can go in the trash as far as I’m concerned.)

Because if I’m without people around me for too long, my battery will also run out.
And as long as I am among the right (important!) people, I will recharge.

For me that means:

  • Birthday party where you sit in a circle next to aunt Bets and uncle Joop, while it’s about Janet’s baby > sluuuurp. Energy level in red.
  • Festival where you stroll through the crowd with a beer in your flip flops > yes please! Energy level in green.

And business:

  • Weekly progress meeting without decision moments where excel list is ticked > sluuuurp.
  • One-two to someone’s desk where you can immediately check how they are and after which you can immediately continue with your work > yes please!

In short, it strikes the right balance for me.
Now I’m curious, how is that for you? Are you introverted, extroverted or a bit of both?
And are your labels still up-to-date or can a few go? Cleans up nicely šŸ˜‰

I like to hear from you! Post a comment or send me a message.